How you can help

I will not be able to accomplish my goal by myself. I am a very small person compared to Prime Minister Modi. Without your help people will continue to suffer.

  • You can attend my event I will be holding around September 2019. I will release more details soon.
  • You can donate money on my website
  • Building “Toilets” is a “Havan” (movement).  Purple Paint appeals you for your “Aahuti” (contribution). 
  • Each toilet costs about $650 to build. Contribute a toilet to protect the dignity of our daughters and to empower the girl child.
  • Each drop counts! No contribution is too small!!

Check out my website for details which will be posted soon. We can only do this if you support our cause. The pride of women and girls in India is at jeopardy. We need you to buy a painting and you will also be a part of an amazing journey to change the world.