The story of Pink Bricks

Hi my name is Sonia, I am in 2nd grade and 8 year’s old.

When I was in 1st grade and 6 years old, one day my teacher wanted to make an announcement she said “we will be passing out some boxes all of you have a week to fill this box as much as you can”.

I was curious to know what was this box about. The box was for collecting money for building houses in Guatemala for rural areas. Each house cost $1400 and 700 bricks and each brick cost $2. I thought why put $1 when you can make a whole house! So we went to look at the website to learn more about the organization and the project. The organization that I work with is called “From Houses to Homes”. I loved the idea of building houses for people who live in bamboo houses. When I live in a brick house other kids should also be able to live in brick houses. Kids living in bamboo houses must be feeling cold and rain water must be going in the house. I wanted to help and that’s how I started to work on this project.

I raise funds by going to different events and give my speeches. In 2018 I raised $600 and built about half a house. In 2019 once I went to an event and gave a speech and I raised more than $350 and in 2019 I was able to raise total about $1400 that is enough to build one entire house.

Now I named my project “Pink Bricks” on January 1st, 2020. I chose “Pink Bricks” because in Great Britain they say “in pink health” when someone is in a very good health or in great condition. I want to put some bricks together and build a house for other kids so that they are in great condition. I want to spread some pink in their lives. That is why “Pink Bricks”. Do you want to support a few “Pink Bricks”? Please click donate below before you go to another page 🙂

Below is a bamboo house that was converted to a brick house.

House construction in progress: