Virtual Holi

Holi is a festival of colors that announces the arrival of spring. After a long-white-cold winter, what could be more symbolic to welcome chirping of birds, sprawling green blanket of grass, new green leaves and colorful flowers than COLORS. Holi is celebrated in many parts of the world usually in March or April. These months are usually still not warm enough in the United States so we improvise and play Holi in May :).

On the day of the Holi, friends and family gather for a feast, exchange pleasantries and play with colored powder (aka colors) and water balloons. While throwing color on others, screams of “Holi Hai! Bura Naa Maano, Holi Hai!!”, means “It is Holi! Please do not mind, It is Holi!!” could be heard. Throwing color and then asking for forgiveness is symbolic of asking for forgiveness for anything you might have said or done over the past year. You ask for forgiveness to friends and relatives and of course you are forgiven with a splash of color and a big hug. A sweet or a candy is also stuffed in your mouth with a big smile. Water balloons and water blasters add a flavor to the entire celebration. It is a great way to bring colors and happiness after a long and lazy winter.

We all are fortunate to celebrate Holi in some shape or form. But there are many around the world who are not as fortunate. Just like we all want to turn the page of our lives by celebrating Holi and go into bright and colorful days, it is upon us to help others and take them along. After all, fun while celebrating Holi multiplies exponentially when celebrated with many (each and everyone around us). These are some unprecedented times when holding hands of others is a lot more relevant. Children and specifically girls are more vulnerable to current COVID conditions. Second COVID wave in India has traumatized the entire world. Due to ongoing lockdowns and just fear of going out, girls in rural areas as well as from backward backgrounds are struggling to get hold of basic health and hygiene necessities. With your help, Purple Paint wants to turn the page for these girls and help them go from gloomy days amid COVID to a little bit of color in their lives. Purple Paint plans to supply health and hygiene necessities to over 500 girls.

Purple Paint brings “Virtual Holi” to you. Virtual event will be organized on May 23rd at 4pm. Join us for amazing performances, dance to DJ beats and then play Holi in your backyard with friends and family. To make this happen, we have prepared a “Holi Kit” that you can purchase for a very nominal charge of $50. Each kit includes two packets of colors, a bunch of 30+ balloons, 2 t-shirts, 2 sunglasses, a sweet or candy. Kit has enough color and balloons to play with four or more friends and family members. You may order more than one “Holi Kit”. If you do not play Holi, please consider making a donation.

While we all play Holi, we want to spread some color in the lives of others, not just symbolically but for real. Please join Purple Paint’s Virtual Holi event and extend helping hands to girls in need especially in these unprecedented times. Purple Paint plans to raise $5000. 100% proceeds go towards supporting health and hygiene supplies for girls.

CLICK HERE to order your “Holi Kit” now. Please select the option “Holi Kit” while placing your order. To help reduce shipping costs, we will coordinate pick-up points within the Parsippany area during the week prior to the event on May 23rd. This will allow us to support more girls.

For more information, please visit or For help with your Holi Kit orders and event sponsorship, please email to or call 973-641-2048.